Mopping Systems

Wet Floor Sign - 3562

Wet Floor Sign


Scissor Mop Heads (X2) - SMC41.5.5

Scissor Mop Heads (X2)


Dust Buster Kit - dustbustkit40

Dust Buster Kit


Flat Mop Frame - 868

Flat Mop Frame


Microfibre Sleeve - B030411

Microfibre Sleeve


Microfibre Flat Mopping Kit - KITMICROMOP

Microfibre Flat Mopping Kit


Glass Clean Kit Basic - KITGLASSCLEAN.B

Glass Clean Kit Basic



About Mopping Systems

When it comes to effectively cleaning floors and leaving them with an excellent finish, janitorial and cleaning staff will value the importance of having a great selection of tools available. Our range of excellent products from Ramon Hygiene includes floor mops which come in a variety of different styles and sizes to suit all floor maintenance needs. Our mops range from standard hygiene mops and floor mopping systems, to our popular Kentucky mop bucket sets, and we even have a selection of squeegees available for both floors and windows.

We can also supply replacement heads and handles for all of our mopping systems, and a majority of our floor cleaning mops also come in a number of colour variations for hygiene purposes, making them ideal not only for the home and office, but restaurants and hospitals too.

In addition to mop heads, mop frames and handles, we also have a large selection of mop buckets available, with various capacities and features to suit your domestic and commercial cleaning needs.

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