Cleaning Equipment

Bin Bag Hoop - HH1

Bin Bag Hoop


Henry Hoover Bags - VACBH

Henry Hoover Bags


Laundry Cart - AF08158

Laundry Cart


Black Janitors Trolley - AF08180

Black Janitors Trolley


Ramon Glass Clean Kit Pro - KITGLASSCLEAN.P

Ramon Glass Clean Kit Pro



About Cleaning Equipment

We understand the need to be fully equipped when it comes to all aspects of commercial and domestic cleaning. Not only do we supply a fantastic array of paper disposables, cleaning chemicals, mops and buckets, brushes, cleaning cloths, bins, dispensers, and dryers; we also have an extensive and ever growing selection of products suitable for janitorial and cleaning staff to help ensure their everyday duties are met in the quickest and most efficient way possible. 

In order for you to achieve your goals, we can supply you and your workforce with products to help with all area of the cleaning process; with dedicated window cleaning kits, interior and exterior sweeping machines, and for those hard surfaces and high traffic areas we also have a brilliant range of floor polishing and scrubbing machines. For those businesses which have large fleets of vehicles, such as taxi firms, delivery drivers and couriers, amongst others - our range of jet and pressure washers will provide you with the tools necessary to allow high volume cleaning in no time at all, and when combined with our traffic film remover you will achieve dazzling results.  

For those working in the hospitality sector, serving food and refreshments to customers whether it be in a restaurant, or aboard a boat, train or plane - we have a great range of service trolleys which allow for the easy transportation of beverages and foodstuffs. 

These products however are just the tip of the iceberg, we have over 600 items to choose from online, which can deliver the utmost professional and thorough cleaning solutions across a range of sectors. 

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