Floor Care

Graffiti Wipes - RH96

Graffiti Wipes


Nilco 3 in 1 Floor Polish - SVTN5FPC-CL

Nilco 3 in 1 Floor Polish


5 LT Pelican pump - SPD824-CL

5 LT Pelican pump


Polish Stripper - SPD937-CL

Polish Stripper


Metallised Floor Polish - SPD933-CL

Metallised Floor Polish



About Floor Care

Floors are the one surface in most buildings which takes the most abuse throughout the working day, and with laminated surfaces, tiles or other materials, they can dull over time which makes them look lifeless and old before their time. Our floor care range is versatile enough to offer excellent cleaning and janitorial solutions for all types of flooring, including specially formulated chemicals which can be used in conjunction with an automatic floor cleaner machine to give a shiny, professional finish.

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